Procurement consulting

Pleased to Make Your Acquaintance


First off, our sincere thanks for clicking into this article and for wanting to learn more about WDGHelps.  Since you’ve come all this way, let us grab you a nice, cold glass of water and a comfy chair.  Feel better? Great. Now then–allow us to explain to you how we help.

The WDG, as we smarmily refer to it, stands for the Will Daniel Group, a limited liability corporation that is engaged in business operations consulting. Our sweet spot is strategic procurement, an area in which we (boasting alert) have decades of experience at both operational and leadership levels, across dozens of categories of indirect spend and within many regions of the globe (end boasting alert). That experience also spans into near-procurement areas such as supplier diversity, procurement  transformation, socially responsible and ethical sourcing, and vendor relationship management.

You may say (and rightfully so) that there are more procurement consultants out there than…well, we can’t think of a punchy yet business-appropriate analogy.  Let’s just say there are a fair few.  What sets The WDG apart is our cause.  We are passionate about helping small and mission-based businesses to succeed.  We’ve structured our support approach, costing and overall offering to fit the needs and the budget of companies who are working hard to do good on a thin dime. 

Any successful endeavor, like a good negotiation, must work for everyone involved in order to be sustainable. And so, just as we strive for your success, we strive for our own as well, through remote work wherever possible, flexible project scheduling, and other life balance-creating work constructs that allow our roster of freelance consultants to be rounded in all areas of our lives. We are parents, artists, hobbyists, travelers, volunteers, and in some cases, political bloggers (but we totally won’t go there). In a nutshell, it’s this–when we come to you fulfilled, you’ll get our best. Period.

Our doors are not yet open.  We are finalizing our offerings and will be ready for business soon, but the meantime we have an offer and a favor to share.  The offer: click the link below to receive updates, tips, tricks and articles from us moving forward.  The favor: we’d love to know if our service could help you, and if so, how.  This information is important to us as we put the finishing touches on our suite of services.  If you have a moment, please read through our website and send a note to with your thoughts on how we could help you to achieve your vision. As our mission states, You have the will.  Let’s find a way.”

Thanks for listening,

The WDG “Chief Bloggist”

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