How We Work

An engagement with Will Daniel can take a wide variety of shapes, and include timeframes from one day to one year or beyond.  Our work together will be mapped and agreed with you prior to signing any contract, so that we are sure to build a program that meets your needs and your budget.

The WDG is built leanly, just like your business, and structured to get the job done quickly and efficiently for all involved.  You won’t find us on site at your company headquarters every single week, unless that is a specific requirement of a given project, and you won’t see us bringing a clown car full of consultants to a single meeting. Each WDG resource is matched to your specific needs, whatever they may be, and that person is committed to getting the job done with as little a dent in the pocket book as possible.

What’s in it for us, you ask?  Good question.  These are the things that put a fire in the belly of each of us in the WDG roster:

  • Impact–we want to make a difference; we want our efforts to bring a tangible benefit to the organizations we work with.  We want to see it.
  • Variety–We learn something new every time we launch into a new project or step through the doors of a new client. We get more hooked on that stuff than we do Pittsburgh-style Italian sausage.  Well, OK, almost…let’s be reasonable…
  • Balance–there’s a reason we require mostly-remote work, in addition to keeping your travel costs low. It’s so that we can be there for Taekwondo, tango lessons and Tuesday night wine club. That’s huge for us.