Our Fees

First off, let’s talk about our specific per-person costs, just to get that twitchy little topic out of the way.  Below are the rates you would pay for each Will Daniel consultant.  Travel and other ancillary and approved costs are billed transparently, as incurred:

  • Hourly: $175 USD
  • Half Day: $650 USD
  • Full Day: $1,100 (because it allows us to be most efficient if we bill full days)

Why We Charge What We Charge

Do you find this rate to be higher than you expected, or lower?  Here’s the skinny on our costing strategy:

  • We’re good at what we do.  We’ve been at this work for many years, and our time and expertise are valuable. Period.  This range also helps you to understand the type of work we are here to do.  We are strategic support, and not a staff augmentation outfit.
  • We want to help you.  We did not join Will Daniel to focus our attention solely on major blue chip organizations with deep pockets.  Our main priority is to support smaller companies, charitable organizations, and other businesses that are working hard to turn a profit on a very skinny dime.
  • We will require flexibility.  The Will Daniel bench is composed of a variety of procurement and operations professionals with individual stories and passions, whether they be kids and family, skydiving, or training for the next national hot dog-eating contest.  To boot, each one of us is driven to support the causes we care about, and it’s very important to us to leave time in our working year to participate in pro-bono projects of our choosing.  Our pricing is set competitively for all of these reasons.  We will work remotely a majority of the time, we will overtly build our agendas around school plays and road trips, and we will pursue our passions while we help your business to succeed.