What We Do

WDGHelps is an amalgamation of former corporate types, banding together like mini X-Women and X-Men to help small businesses like yours to get stuff done.  What kind of stuff, you ask (and thanks for asking)?  The kind of stuff listed below.  One key point to remember, though, is that our support is strategic and operational in nature–not administrative. Though we are a small, stripped-down firm with an overhead as low as Barry White’s voice, our support comes from years of  accumulated experience at a strategic level.

Stuff We Do For Example…
Goods and services procurement Conducting a full selection process for a professional services firm or roofer
Spend assessment and procurement strategy development Analyzing your 12-month third-party spending and letting you know where you can save money or optimize the way you buy things
Contract development and negotiation Creating contract language for a new public relations supplier, and negotiating all terms and costing
Optimizing eSourcing technology Identifying and implementing a reverse auction tool
Supplier engagement management Implementing supplier evaluations and ongoing communications plans, and finding avenues for supplier-enabled innovation
Marketing operations optimization Developing and implementing a tool and program to enable reuse of marketing assets
Content development Crafting content for websites, whitepapers, internal or external communications
Marketing agency selection, engagement and management Running a full selection process for a new creative agency, from research to pitch (or pitch alternative) and through contracting

Whether we’re ghostwriting a blog or negotiating a professional services contract, one common thread weaves though all of these areas of service–our commitment to support your business.  You have the will.  Let’s find a way.